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Yiddish and Hebrew Questions

Hi all,

Me again. Have a few more questions, this time related to Yiddish, Hebrew, and fitting into a new community.

Edit: Looks like I have what I need for the moment folks, thanks!

Background: Futuristic setting like our world. MC's mother was born and lived the first 30ish years of her life in Germany. While her family's Jewish, they're largely secular. MC's mother and stepfather meet because he has some kind of work in Germany (to be determined) and is American. He is from a Reform American family. Later, both move with a 5-6 year old MC to the US, where they become more religiously observant and move into a Modern Orthodox community.

My questions are:

1. How much Hebrew is spoken in a MO community? Is it used conversationally at all in addition to whatever the language of the land is, or just as the language of prayer/study, or if someone plans to visit Israel?

2. What difficulties might the family have fitting into a MO community if they weren't as/not religious before?

3. On Yiddish, I've read (and please bear with me, this might be inaccurate/incorrect) that some families, depending on level of observance way back when in Austria/Germany, felt that Yiddish was 'the language of the lower class and/or religious' and therefore didn't speak it the way their less wealthy/religious counterparts might have. I'll dig up the link if needed. The majority of Yiddish speakers were killed in the Holocaust, and I've also read that because of that it's not as widely known as it was before then (that and assimilation). Would it therefore be realistic of me to say that MC's mother, if she descended of such a wealthy family, wouldn't know much Yiddish if any? I know MC will know some by virtue of growing up in an MO community, but I wasn't planning on making him/his family members fluent.


Yiddish history
Difficulties adjusting in Modern Orthodox Jewish community
When is Hebrew spoken?
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