Gwen Dish (gwendish) wrote in little_details,
Gwen Dish

Sea Shanties and Barristers

Setting: Modern Day
Place: London, England
Character(s): A young man and woman, both in their early thirties.

Question(s): Really, the information listed above is most likely irrelevant, but it gives an idea of the situation. Moving on, my female character is a talented stage actress (emphasis on the word "stage") who has appeared in many plays, performing in both male and female roles.  She is fairly intelligent, with most of her knowledge stemming from the incredibly extensive research that she does for each part.  One of these parts required her to memorize several sea shanties, which is what brings me to my question: Does anyone know of any plays that involve sea shanties or have people singing them?  One or two songs will be fine, and I don't mind if they happen to be a bit vulgar.

My male character is a successful barrister with the Inner Temple.  I was wondering if there are different types of barristers and, if so, what are the more interesting ones?  This guy is dedicated and reliable, but he doesn't like being bored, so he's really only keen on taking cases that he finds intriguing or bizarre.  Another question: Does being a barrister require one to travel?  If so, why, how often, and how far?
Tags: uk: history (misc), ~boats and other things that float, ~music

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