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[ANON] Japanese EMTs/paramedic and police response to vehicular accident

Setting: Present-day Japan, Yokohama
Search terms used: Japanese paramedics, Japanese EMTs, response to vehicular accident Japan, Japanese response car accident and a number of others; also looked at accident videos

I have an off-duty Japanese cop who witnesses a vehicular accident, a head on collision of two cars, on the road, in an area that is not under his jurisdiction (he’s a Tokyo cop, and the accident happens in Yokohama). All involved in the accident are unconscious.

My questions are:

1. How would he respond? Am I right to assume he would rush to the scene, contact the paramedics/emergency services, and possibly try to help out?
2. How would the interaction between him and the respondents/EMTs/paramedics play out? Would he be allowed to help out in the rescue efforts, or will he be asked to stand aside?
3. How would the Japanese paramedics handle the scene? I was given to understand they have a different protocol than their US/Western counterparts.

One reason I’m asking all these questions is that the respondents are FAKE EMTs/paramedics, and I’m looking for ways/options that the cop would realize (too late) that they’re fake rather than the real thing.

Any help on EMT/paramedic/police response is appreciated, even if this doesn’t pertain exactly to Japan.

Thank you for your help!
Tags: japan (misc), japan: government: law enforcement, ~medicine: emts/paramedics
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