Nishy (brazenbells) wrote in little_details,

Addiction counselling

I'm interested in the requirements (mostly USA, but since this is a futuristic story, a look at the requirements of other countries as well) for becoming an addiction counsellor. Google's turning up plenty of job offers and those vague "you might like this profession if you have these skills" career sites, but I need something a little more relevant.

Here's the situation, in essence: a character's family and friends are planning to stage an intervention. They bring in a counsellor to help prepare them and discuss methods of approach. I want for this counsellor to be someone who has personally had and beaten an addiction of the sort that's being dealt with; I also want her to be fairly young, around 22. Is it plausible that she could be filling the counsellor's role in an intervention? The title isn't absolutely necessary, she could be a "mentor" or something like that, but she needs to have been referred to the family by someone in the field.

If it helps, this addiction is a VERY new problem, and recovered addicts are hard to find. Would her personal experience be able to substitute for some of the training? Would training requirements be less strict, as it's not a well-known addiction either to the general public or to the lawmakers?

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