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Medieval armor and injuries

Setting: medieval fantasty (Game of Thrones)
Research: Googled variations on "medieval armor" "medieval armor worn during duel" "expense of armor" "boiled leather", "cutting through chain mail" etc.

So I'm writing a story where a character fights a duel for a woman's hand and is basically disemboweled. While I was researching armor it occurred to me that he probably wasn't wearing a breastplate- which made me wonder what he could have been wearing.

Would people fight duels with minimal armor? Did it depend on how rich you were? Was leather a common alternative to metal? Can you disembowel someone through chainmail? I'm getting differing opinions on that last one.

I know that's like, five questions, but generally I'm curious about what a medieval noble would've worn in a legal duel, and what kind of things he would wear (that would still get him slashed across the chest).

Thank you!

ETA Got the answer I needed and lots of nifty information on top of that. Thanks! :D
Tags: europe: history, ~martial arts, ~middle ages, ~weapons: swords

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