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Information about Nashville, TN

I'm writing a modern day story that takes place in Nashville, TN. I haven't been there since I was a kid, and I'm sure, not only, is it different, but I'm going to be asking a few questions that wouldn't have applied when I was twelve, lol. One of my characters is there because he's a musician, which is why I chose the location.

What kind of local slang is there? And not just slang, but is it a pop or soda region? Or is it far enough south to call everything Coke? Anything that's a common turn of phrase there that might not be elsewhere. Neither one of my main characters are from Nashville originally, but they've both lived there for a while, so they would have picked some of it up, and there are supporting characters who are from the area.

I've searched "Nashville local slang" and similar things and got a lot of typical Southern fare. And I was on slanguage.com, but I don't think any of that is going to end up in my fic.

What are some of the less safe neighborhoods in downtown Nashville? I've been doing a lot of Googling of this, and it seems that it's a pretty safe city, but everywhere has unsafe areas. I've searched "unsafe neighborhoods in Nashville" and I've found a few things, but I'm sort of looking for neighborhoods or areas that could be named and someone would react to it, knowing it's not a generally safe area.

Last one, and I'm still researching, but since I'm here -- there seems to be an active gay community in the city, but is there one area that's very much, for lack of a better phrase, a gay neighborhood? I've been researching gay clubs, and while I'm not going to be naming specific, real clubs, they do seem to be pretty spread out (except for two right next to each other on Church street). I've been punching addresses into GoogleMaps, lol. I know that's not the only sign of a popular gay area, but it's helpful.

I really don't want the location to be trivial. I know I'll be taking liberties, but I'd like for it to be s authentic as possible. Thank you!
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