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Gypsy community in Germany, modern day

Hello! I've been diligently researching on the culture and way of life of German gypsies today, but I couldn't seem to find something I need to work on a story.

I have two questions:

1) Does the German government provide a settlement area for travelling gypsies? Does the government provide assistance to impoverished gypsy groups? These questions come from the fact that these two things are apparently still debated upon until recently. I couldn't find a source if it was settled or not.

2) I'd also like to find out if any one has any information on how the gypsy tribes are treated in Germany? I do find complete information with regards to history, but not enough of how it is today. Other countries like Spain, France, Romania etc has a lot of information, but not Germany. But the information I've gotten so far is that they also separate themselves from the governance of the country, and generally perceived the same way most European countries see gypsies.

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Tags: germany (misc), ~romani

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