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Underage sex offenders

Place: England, UK
Time: Right here, right now
Searched for: 'underage sex offenders', 'experiences of rape' 'rape trials uk' 'police procedure for rape victims'

My heroine is 17- she's friends with a 15-year-old boy who goes to the same school. One night they're alone together in her back garden, and he rapes her. She tells her mother and they go to the police the same night, she's interviewed and examined.

But what happens next? I know the boy is above the age of criminal responsibility, and I figure he'd be arrested and interviewed, but what exactly would take place? I know a Youth Offending Team would be involved (I think?), but when would a trial take place, if one did? (A few details could be fudged, because this whole thing is from the girl's perspective, not the boy's.). And, most importantly, if the boy was found not guilty, would he be permitted to return to the school?

Also- the press get hold of this story in a big way, which I imagine would make a lot of the general rules fly out of the window- people clamouring that the boy get life in prison and so on. (Which my character is undoubtably all for, but she also hates the fact that her life and experiences have become public property.)

Anyway, yes. I hope this is clear enough, and thanks in advance!
Tags: uk: government: law enforcement, ~prostitution, ~sexual abuse & assault

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