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Porn industry and actors

I have some questions regarding the current-day porn movie industry in the U.S., and acting careers in pornography (particularly in regards to male actors).

I've researched this in Google but haven't had a ton of luck. I've tried things like "working in the porn industry," "male porn actors," "becoming a porn actor" and variations of things like that. I also tried substituting "adult entertainment" and "adult film." I've looked at some industry websites, such as the AVN's website. I have found some good, relevant information about working in the industry, but not a whole lot, and it hasn't answered all my questions.

Also, a lot of the info I've found pertains more to women than men, and while I have both female and male characters, my questions pertain more to the male ones.

A few specific questions I have:

1. Is it very plausible for a male actor to do both gay and straight porn? What about during the same point in his career? I've gotten the impression that there's a lot of separation between gay and straight porn and that overlap is rare, but I haven't found info much on that.

2. How common is barebacking in straight porn? Is condom use standard?

3. Is it common for actors to work mainly with one company?

4. Is it common for porn stars to have their own websites?

5. How small can a professional porn production be? Is a crew of only a few people plausible?

6. Is it accurate to say that there's much more content (and genres and types of content) available online than on DVD?

Thank you so much for any info you can offer!
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