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Gunshot to chest and knee

Setting: 1976 Northern Ireland (shot in Antrim, treated in Belfast) aka The Troubles

What I've searched: I've put tons of searches into google, including the following: gunshot wound to chest, shattered patella, recovery time after gunshot to chest, shot to chest and survived, collapsed lung, shot in side, belfast hospitals, etc.

A seventeen year old boy is shot in a gun attack in a pub in Antrim by the UVF. He is first shot right in the knee. I don't know much about this injury, other than it shatters his patella into eight pieces and he has surgery to fix it. Would this surgery be performed as soon as he was brought in or postponed until his more life threatening injuries were treated? He was also shot in the chest. This bullet breaks a rib and collapses his lung. I need this injury to cause him to be on the verge of death for a few days, or at least a few hours, but not bad enough to kill him. Would this be too minor of an injury to cause that, or too serious an injury to recover from? I don't need all the details on how they would treat it, but if anyone has a general idea that would be great. Also, how long would he be unconscious for? And after he awoke, how long would he have to stay in the hospital? Any details would help. 

A girl is also shot in her side. I need this to not nearly as serious as a wound (she needs to be up and walking a few hours after ward). Would it be possible for the bullet to go in and out right on her left side without causing extensive damage but enough for her to pass out (maybe just due to blood loss)? If not, where could she be shot where this could happen?
Thanks so much!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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