Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch (quoting_mungo) wrote in little_details,
Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch

Color in a stressed blue-phase green anole

Setting: For the purposes of this question, generic real world setting
Search: Read through the page on green/Carolina anoles on Wikipedia, searched for blue-phase anoles on Google (which pretty much only landed me message board hits of "where do I get one?" or "how much are they?" and similar - even finding a picture of a blue one was ridiculously hard).

Basically, I can figure out from this article on Wikipedia that green anoles normally turn brown under stress, and that if one type of pigment(?) is lacking they'll be pastel or baby blue instead of green. But I can't figure out how that lack of pigment affects the color response when exposed to cold or stress - will it still turn black/brown, or will it turn some other color, or will it not have a visible effect?

Any other points about the coloration of blue-phase anoles that aren't as dead obvious as "they're blue instead of green" would be appreciated, as well, but as long as I can get an answer to the above I'm happy.

Tags: ~animals (misc)
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