sarsalot (sarsalot) wrote in little_details,

Buying and selling of houses

Can someone tell me what goes into buying and/or selling a house? The sort of taxes and contracts required, reasons you can refuse to sell or buy (AFTER contracts have been signed), etc. Would claiming a house is haunted or has had gruesome things happen in it stand up as a valid reason for backing out the contract?
Also, what is the basic procedure for inheriting a house?

Basically, the story I'm writing has a sentient house as its protagonist. It's not exactly haunted - posessed might be a closer word. In any case, as a result of this the house has been bought and sold fairly frequently, and has several overnwer throughout the course of the story, so I need to know what would go into its changing ownership.

Thanks in advance. =D

ETA: Terribly sorry I forgot to include this - I don't intend to specify which state/country the story takes place in within the story itself, at least at the moment, but I've privately set in in (NSW) Australia.

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