Oujo-sama (akumugan) wrote in little_details,

Moscow, Russia

Hey, it's me again! Thanks for the help about Maine, USA! But this time I need to know about Moscow, Russia!

Setting: Late November in Moscow, Russia in 2010 2012, actually. Whooops. I miscalculated something and I actually just found the original manuscript so--still valid, I think.

Scenario: Character A (American) and Character B (posing as American) go to Moscow, Russia on a lead that B got. Thanks to A's family having money, they're staying at a Hilton Hotel. While in a cafe in the city, Character B feels the presence of bad guys and they run. They happen to be close to the Vvendenskyoye Cemetery. They go there. Shit happens. Blah blah blah.


How do Russians react to American tourists? Especially if the tourists can't speak Russian. Character B can but Character A can't. She tries, man, she really tries! XD

B) How is the 'atmosphere' in Russia? Pictures show me that the roads are usually busy but the streets aren't too crowded?

Thanks for the help, you guys!

Tags: russia (misc)

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