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Campaigning For Prime Minister In Contemporary Japan

Setting: Contemporary Japan (the canon is Bloody Monday, for those familiar)
Scenario: The protagonist (Japanese, 19 years old, male, university student) is at a politically motivated gathering with a fair number of wealthy and influential figures in Japanese society attending, at the behest of his grandfather. His grandfather is/was the Minister of Justice in 2008-ish (season 1) and will be Prime Minister by 2010 (season 2), with a majority public approval rating and good press at that time. The story is set between seasons 1 and 2 (ostensibly in 2009) and before his election, when he is actively preparing for/on his election campaign.
- Could the grandfather still be the Minister of Justice while openly angling for Prime Minister?
- Would this sort of 'informal' campaigning (support gathering and fund-raising) outside of the government allowed 12 days be legally and socially acceptable by a well-respected candidate? If not, would it be allowed if the grandfather were attending a gathering (hosted by another politician/CEO/???) ostensibly as a guest, but with the tacit understanding that he’s here to network?
- Would the grandson (only surviving/clinically sane/publicly known family of grandfather) be an expected/unexpected sight at this sort of thing? How interested would the other attendees be in the grandson?
Hopefully I haven’t completely jumbled my understanding of the Japanese political system, but please correct me on that too if I have. The dates are assumptions based on air dates, since canon tends to err on the side of frugal re: context.

Thank you!

Googled: ‘Japan Prime Minister campaigning’, ‘Japan campaign laws’ and ‘Japan campaign finances’
Wikipedia’d: Prime Minister Of Japan, Elections In Japan and Political Funding In Japan
Websites: Government and Politics: Elections in Japan and How Campaign Finance Works
Tags: japan: government (misc)

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