Lady Macbeths Murderer (lady_macbeth_19) wrote in little_details,
Lady Macbeths Murderer

Don't Ask Don't Tell in 2003

Hi all, first time posting here!

The setting: North Carolina, 108th Training Command (Inital Entry Training) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I've searched Google and Wikipedia for details on 108th Training Command, Don't Ask, Don't Tell Dismissal, Don't Ask Don't Tell 2003, Base Camp Don't Ask Don't Tell. None of these answered any of my specific questions, so I turn to this community for help. My questions are:

1. If a service woman confessed she was gay in Boot Camp, would she be dismissed immediately?
2. How would said dismissal work?
3. If she would not be dismissed, does she have the right to leave immediately on the grounds of her homosexuality?

Thank you so much in advance!
Tags: usa: military (misc), ~homosexuality (misc)

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