Layla Lawlor (laylalawlor) wrote in little_details,
Layla Lawlor

Maintaining a police uniform

Place & time: USA, Alaska, present day
Googled for: various permutations of "state trooper uniform", "police uniform regulations", "police officer own uniform", "trooper uniform upkeep", etc. Also searched the Alaska State Troopers' website.

I have a scene in the story I'm writing that takes place in the home of an off-duty Alaska State Trooper and his wife, and I would like to find out if troopers are responsible for the cleaning & care of their uniform, or if that's handled through their workplace. Specifically, I wanted to have a plot-relevant scene with the trooper's wife ironing his uniform, and then realized I wasn't sure if the uniform actually would be washed and ironed like a regular piece of clothing, or if it would be in his home at all. And I can't seem to come up with search terms that are relevant, but not so vague as to be unhelpful.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~clothing

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