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Emotional Abuse and Child Services?

In my story, Zeke, a modern-day 21-year-old guy from Ontario (Canada), seeks psychiatric help for depression. During the sessions it was discovered that he also suffers from anxiety disorders and that his father is emotionally and verbally abusive toward his mother and his younger siblings. The father also becomes physically aggressive during those outbursts, but he never hit the kids or his wife. The psychiatrist reports the abuse to child services, who then makes Zeke's father undergo psychiatric help himself. During this entire time Zeke's father is not separated from his wife or his kids.

Is this a believable scenario? I know a psychiatrist is required to report suspected domestic abuse, but does emotional and verbal abuse count as domestic abuse? Also, is it possible for child services to keep a family together, including the abusive member?

I know each country and even different States have different laws regarding child services and psychiatric responsiblities. I tried searching "ontario psychiatrist report abuse" and "psychiatrist obligation report abuse". The results I got were either advice for physical abuse or reserach papers. Ontario Children's Aid Society gives info on signs of emotional abuse but no info on what warrants the removal of children from a home.

I hope I made my questions clear. Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks!
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