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Threat from an Abusive German Father

Hey all. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Apologies if I'm doin' it wrong.

Setting: modern Germany
Attempted Searches: GoogleTranslate and Google have run me ragged. The translations don't parse right, even when trying to translate back. Any attempt to connect German with 'threats' or 'child abuse' yields articles about terrorism or the Catholic sex scandals (even with the -). I also know a very small amount of German, so even if I could find native sources, I'm not sure how much good they'd do me.

I'm writing a bit (it's for a comic, so just one panel) where a German lad flashes back to his abusive father threatening him with a belt. Since I dislike the use of heavily accented English between native speakers, I need a phrase auf Deutsch for Papa to yell at his boy. I was initially looking for something to the effect of, "I'll teach you to mouth off to me!" but am open to any suggestions. Bonus points if the phrase seems threatening even without comprehension. (Though a lot of German has that effect, it seems. :P)

Danke schön in advance!

ETA: I should have been clearer in the setting info. The story takes place in the present day/not too distant future, so phraseology from the 90s - now is my aim. Also I'm looking towards the lower class end of the speech spectrum. (The things you don't think of the first time XP)

ETA2: Got my answer. Thanks a ton, lizzardgirl!
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