Zara-Jade (ravensnake) wrote in little_details,

Latin Translation Check

I've got a few Latin phrases that I was hoping someone would be able to check for me. I've been studying declensions and cases and everything for the last week but I'm not 100% sure I've translated these right. Given that my lead character was born a Roman, it'd be embarrassing if he messed up his mother-tongue!

cursed people = exsecrati homines
senate of the cursed people = senatui exsecratorum homonum
devils with red eyes = diaboli cum ruberis oculis
devils of the sun = diabolus solis

If someone could just double check my endings and cases then I'd be mighty grateful!

I also have an issue about addressing someone with a title. I know that if you're addressing someone then the noun should be in the vocative case, but if they have a title (i.e. Prince Gaius) would their title also be in the vocative to match the noun?
Tags: ~languages: latin

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