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Deliberate amnesia and/or repressing memories with hypnosis

Setting: Modern day Washington, DC with some slight wiggle room as to the technology because it involves a high-tech shadowy government organization that would have access to some cutting-edge experimental drugs.

I have a character who has learned some very dangerous information, but for plot reasons, needs to deliberately forget everything that she's learned such that interrogators won't be able to tell she ever knew it at all. Let's say the interrogators are willing to use "enhanced" techniques and maybe some drugs. So what could she do to make herself forget or just thoroughly firewall about two weeks of her life?

A possibility is her targeting the memories for deletion using a drug like U0126, which seems to do the same thing on mice (obviously this hasn't been tested on humans yet, but this is where I can use the handwaving of a high-tech super secret DC lab). It's referenced in these articles:

However, we're talking two weeks of memory here, so it seems to me that they couldn't possibly get at it all. Which made me wonder if they could do a combination of burning out some memories and trying to hypnotically firewall the rest. I know that repressed memory therapy is controversial, but I couldn't find any information about deliberately repressing memories with hypnosis (good information, anyway). Is this possible? How thorough can it be? Enough so that interrogators with drugs wouldn't be able to figure out what my main character knows? They won't keep her for more than a week. It would be ideal if I could do this, because I'd love to have her leave one solitary bridge into her repressed memories, which someone else can later trigger so she'll be able to remember what she was doing at a crucial point in the story.

I've looked through the amnesia posts on this forum, plus googling "deliberate amnesia", "repressed memories", "amnesia drugs," "hypnosis repressed memories" and combinations thereof. Any help is much appreciated!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia, ~woo-woo
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