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San Francisco Bay Area

I have some questions regarding the San Francisco Bay Area.

Setting: The San Francisco Bay Area, present day. I’ve got two main characters, both are male in their teens; probably sophomores or juniors in high school.

Terms googled:  various combinations of rich/wealthy/high income areas SF Bay Area. High schools in the Bay Area. Best high school in the Bay Area. Various combinations of low income/poor/working class areas SF Bay Area. 

Questions regarding the Bay Area:

* First of all, I’m looking for a rather rich or “posh” area for one of my characters to live in, preferably in the area that Wikipedia tells me is called North Bay. According to this article on Wikipedia, some of the richest cities in California per capita income are Belvedere, Tiburon and Sausalito in Marin County, all of them would fit my story, location-wise. Am I right in assuming that these cities/towns are all considered posh or upper-class (especially by people who don’t live there)?

* Somewhat related to my first question: Are there any high schools in this area that are considered “better” or more high-status than others? Are private schools in this area of higher status than public schools? I’m basically looking for a good school anywhere between San Rafael and Sausalito. And by good, I mean a school that’s got a very good reputation, like, status-wise, especially among other teenagers.

* I’m also looking for a working class/lower income city or even a neighborhood in the Bay Area. It doesn’t matter where in the Bay Area this place is located. Google hasn’t helped me at all with this, I’m afraid. So, can anyone suggest a place which would fit my story? 

Thanks in advance!

Tags: usa: california, usa: education: high school

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