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Terms of affection/endearment between 16th cent' male lovers.

I am writing a M/M historical romance set in 16th century Essex, UK. I want to know what terms of affection/endearment they would most likely use to each other.
One of my characters is 21 and younger is 16. The older guy comes from a wealthy landowning family and the young man from a Suffolk farming family.
I have searched Google, Wikapedia, 16th century dictionaries on line, Yahoo and Various other sites for 16th century terms and language usage but I cannot find anything specific. Only terms used between men and women or parent to child. I have used the terms as above in the subject field using different variations as in 16th century terms of endearment/affection between men, male lovers, homosexual men.
I hope you can help.
Thank you.
Tags: 1500-1599, uk: history (misc)

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