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Christianity and Faerie Folklore

Search Terms: Christian influence in faerie tales, Christian influence in folklore, Christianity and Faeries/fairys/fairies/faierees, fairy weaknesses; also looking up every individual faerie I can find on Wikipedia. Also also searching through the folklore and christianity tags on the site.

I'm looking for ways that Christianity interacted with faeries in post-Christianity folklore. I am not looking for the big metaphyical things, like how they are servants of the DEVIL and so forth. What I am looking for is along the lines of how faeries were repealed by church bells, and so forth. I'm looking for ways that Christian symbols and beliefs interacted with faeries. Specifically Christian symbols, so not stuff about milk and cold iron and such.

Some examples include: faeries being repelled by holy ground or church bells (as above), faeries being unable to recite the Lord's prayer, redcaps losing a tooth if a verse of scripture was quoted at them, Huldrafolk losing their tails and glamor if they were converted to Christianity or were married in a Christian ceremony. 

Obviously I have a few, but I need more, and am wondering if anyone here knows any.
Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~religion: christianity (misc)

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