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[ANON POST] 1920's Non-Flapper Style Fashion

I need some costume help for a short play set in London in the early 1920s. Characters are two women, working (not specified but implied that's it's an office/secretarial/clerking job), but with small private/family income. Far from rich but not destitute.

One actress is fine for 'typical' 20s dropped waists, tubular silhouettes, boyish dress cuts and spaghetti strap party dresses. The other is a 5'3", very curvy, hourglass, size 14. Is there any authentic early 1920s style that will genuinely flatter that body shape? How unusual would it have been for a young independent-minded woman to buck the 'flapper' trend and wear fitted dresses or even trousers instead?

Ideally I need one day/office wear and one dance/nightclub/party look.

Thanks in advance.

Google Searches for '1920s fashion', 'working women 1920s', 'women's wear 1920s', as well as looking for general photographs from the 20s, looked at designers such as Chanel etc. Also browed through online clothing collection of the V&A and as YouTube clips of film from the 20s as I could find.
Tags: 1920-1929, uk: history (misc), uk: london, ~clothing

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