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Picking out guns.

Hey! I need to pick out guns for my characters. The story is set in a world as close to ours as makes no difference, but in no particular country (rather, in lots of them). I've checked out Box O'Truth and the weapons: firearms tag here, as well as a few other gun shots, but nothing's really giving me what I needed.

You know the way that people say that you can tell a lot about a person from their car/shoes/coffee order? I need something like that, but with guns.

I don't need to go into massive detail about them, just enough that someone who does know guns (which I don't, at all) won't be thrown out of the story.)

These are just their personal handguns, so nothing that'd be used for any specific things, (no sniper rifles/grenade launchers needed)

There are four characters:

- A is a woman with a lot of firearms experience. She is very physically fit, and described at one point as "never believing in precision when brute force would do the job just as well". (though she can be precise when it's called for.) I want her to have a gun that's more of a "man's gun", and it's one she takes very, very good care of. Preferably something a little bulky.

- B has military experience. He'd probably think the idea that you could tell a person's personality by their gun is rubbish, but he likewise takes very good care of his. Something very efficiant and easy to conceal under tailored clothing. (If it could be a gun that's latest model is slightly different to the last, even better, as he loses his gun at one point and has to replace it, and I want that to be particularly irritating.)

- C has never before used a gun in her life. She's quite small and reasonably fit. A is going to be buying the gun and teaching her to use it

- D has military experience. He's not particuarly attached to his gun beyond that it aids in keeping him safe. In fact, he'll probably go through more then one in the course of the story, and they don't all have to be the same model.

They're all wealthy criminals, so access/money isn't a particular issue.


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