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Child abduction: procedure and aftermath

Setting/Story Details: late 1990s in Tokyo, Japan. Two boys aged around 3 or 4 (unrelated children, but their parents are friends) are kidnapped from their respective homes within a few hours of each other. The parents make a police report, but no ransom letter is ever received. (Not quite sure whether this part is really relevant, but three out of the four parents are relatively well-known both in and out of the country.)

These are my questions:
  • In the case of such abductions, what happens next? I've seen reports on TV showing parents asking for their children to be returned to them, but does this occur in Japan as well? Also, would the photo and name of the child be released to the public through newspaper reports or the like?
  • In the story, the kidnapper basically wants to cut all ties the kids have with their respective families – they still keep their first names, but pretty much nothing else. As far as I've been able to ascertain, children generally remember their names by age 3. However, is it possible for the children to forget their last names if the kidnapper consistently doesn't use it/uses a fake one? Also, by this age, how much would they remember about their parents? (Again possibly irrelevant, but they're told that their parents have been killed.)
Essentially, I need to know how much information would be available about the families from reports on newspaper, TV or otherwise. Also, after about 13/14 years, would the children still be able to recognise their real last names and parents?

So far, I've searched various combinations of "child kidnapping/abduction in Japan", "reports/handling/procedure", "forget last name"; I've also looked through the related articles on Wikipedia as well as several other associations concerned with child abductions. Thanks in advance for the help!
Tags: japan: government: law enforcement, ~missing persons

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