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Divorce Proceedings, Children describe Pregnancy, and Santa

Setting: Seattle area, modern era. I googled three different topics, so each is under a cut.

Divorce Delays:
The MC of this story has been married for eight years and has been a full time housewife. She leaves her husband, as he is emotionally neglectful--and also, she's pregnant with her lover's child, and she won't stay in the relationship any further. She leaves in December, and I want him to hold up the divorce until near the end of May into almost June, even though she'd like to end it the sooner the better so she can marry the man she actually loves. He's mostly holding it up because he both does not want her to leave (even though they aren't in love and he knows it), and to just be a jerk to her. They don't have any children between them.

What are some ways her husband can drag this out for her? Property and ownership of things are the only things I can thing of, and out and out refusing to accept the divorce papers when served.

Pregnancy lies:
What are some strange things children (kindergarten to first grade age) would believe about pregnancy if they weren't told the whole story (or even if they were told in age proper terms)? All I kept getting were results about what pregnant women are lied about when it comes to what they can and can't do, and I more need the children don't understand right, "the baby comes out the belly button," sort of thing.

I for example, though women's bodies had a baby machine inside, and the left side was for girls and the right side was for boys, and you picked the side you wanted for the baby you wanted. And if you weren't pregnant the solution was to have a doctor reach in and tinker around like pulling out cokes from a machine. I was a special child.


What was the average age you stopped believing in Santa as an actual guy who comes down the chimney and gives you gifts" thing? Additionally, was there something specific that triggered the disbelief, or did it just fade away for you?

I was about ten or so, and it was when I realized the Toys For Tots things my mom had picked up matched every present labeled from "Santa."

A few were Divorce delay, ways to hold up divorce, dragging out divorce; pregnancy myths by children; telling children false things about pregnancy, pregnancy lies; when do children stop believing in Santa; Santa belief.

Any other tags that should be added, I didn't see.
Tags: usa: folklore, usa: government (misc), usa: washington, ~divorce
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