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Enochian translation request

Hello all!

I am in the process of planning a fanfic for the Supernatural fandom, set in the End-verse of season 5, episode 4 (warning: link contains spoilers). I'm trying to figure out how to translate "God grant me rest" (or "God help me" or something to the same effect) from English to Enochian. I've already posted this question at linguaphiles, but it's been two days with no responses from the 6,094 watchers. I've searched for English to Enochian automatic translators on Google, but there don't seem to be any.

I've poked through an Enochian dictionary and cobbled together a few glosses to produce a rough translation of "Iad dluga page" for "God grant me rest". Currently, the literal translation as far as I can tell is "God give rest"; I haven't figured out how first-person pronouns in the object position are supposed to work and whether there are conjugations or declensions.

I don't have knowledge of Enochian; I'm working with only the Enochian-English dictionary and five semesters of linguistics. So if there's anyone out there with more knowledge of Enochian who can refine my translation, I would greatly appreciate the help. :) Thanks!
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