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Consequences for an Apostate Jew?

Hey folks,

I've been Googling around trying to find answers to this question and have run into a roadblock, so I'm posing it to anyone here who might be knowledgeable and hoping I get better results...

Setting and time period: Futuristic America (200+ years from current day, but with some similarities to the current world).

Background: MC was raised as an Orthodox Jew and left the faith when he was about college-aged. Family was upset and while his parents still keep in touch, his sister doesn't and he's moved away from the community he was raised in. Now, 20+ years later, he's talking to an interested third party who recently learned about his family background and wants to know more about how it's affected his family life.


Short and simple. 1. What practical and religious consequences would he face for being an apostate? I've read about formerly Jewish people who convert to another religion (for all intents and purposes, they're no longer considered Jewish, can't marry someone Jewish, participate in matters of religious law such as courts and weddings, can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery unless they convert back or in some cases, die very suddenly). 2. What sorts of religious activities can he participate in if not banned entirely from it? His sister has very limited association with him because she is still observant, so I'm leaning towards her not inviting him to her son and daughter's bar and bat mitzvah when the time comes.

Edit: Research done includes:
Consequences for an apostate Jew
Religious consequences for an apostate Jew
Non-participation in religious ceremonies for an apostate Jew.

And I mean Modern Orthodox, not Heredi, should have made that clearer. I've already looked on one of those 'Ask a Rabbi' sites and got information on what would happen in a practical sense if he actively converted to another religion, so I don't need information on that.

Edit 2: Think I've got what I need, thanks! Sounds like it's going to be a challenge to write correctly, but my best is all I can do.

Help appreciated as always. :)
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