azn_jack_fiend (azn_jack_fiend) wrote in little_details,

If you are shot by the police, would the bullets have to be taken out?

I'm aware of the "We Have to Get the Bullet Out!" trope.

A friend of mine was also shot in the chest, was lucky and recovered well, and the doctors never took the bullets out and told him they had no intention to take them out. 

However, my co-writer and I have a story with an MC who was shot in the torso by police. He mentions that the bullets are still in his body. We've got feedback saying it's unrealistic for him to still have the bullets in his body, since any police shooting would involve a forensic investigation, and the bullets would be important evidence, so the police would have them extracted.

I think that in order to examine extracted bullets against doctor's orders, the police would need a search warrant at the very least.

What do you think?

Research done: several Google searches, including "police shooting investigation" and "extracting police bullets".

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~law enforcement (misc), ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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