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British University questions and Conscientious Objectors during World War Two

Setting: 1949 England Chronichles of Narnia Cannon
Googled: British university life 1940;British Higher education 1940; British conscription during world war two; British contentious objectors during world war two.

First, I really wish that I wrote in fandoms that were in my own country which would make my research easier, but you all are so awesome at answering my questions so I am glad I can come here.

1) The beginning of the story takes place at Oxford in 1948-1949. I need to know everyday things like what young men might be studying and what subjects they may be taking. Did they have two people to a room on campus or did they rent rooms in town? Where did they eat meals? What kind of leisure things did they do? Any suggested reading would also be great.

2) I know conscientious objectors were not popular, but I am wondering if I can find any actual discussions about it between the for and against camps especially on religious grounds. I can probably make it up, but again I would love to know what people actually thought and said. If my CO was a student, would he still have to register as a CO?

Thanks in advance.
Also I am on an iPad and it won't let me select all the tags I want too. Sorry!
Tags: 1940-1949, uk: education, uk: history: world war ii, ~world war ii
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