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Oh, Snap!

[ANON POST] Ways to Procure an Abortion in the early 1940's

Most of my searches are coming back with partisan blogs I don't think I can trust and discussions of morality I'm not interested in having so I came to you all!

Setting:I'm writing something that takes place in early to mid 1940's America. The family is also fairly well off financially.

Search Terms: abortion in the 40's, abortion in the 1940's, 1940’s + abortion + United States, I used LJ Seek with the terms abortion + 1940's then abortion + 1940's + little details, I also checked the tags here under 1940's and medicine: reproduction.

I learned many things from those tags but not exactly what I was looking for. I know about the back alley abortions that occurred, but I was wondering other ways a person with means could go about getting one.

-I know people would go abroad for one but is that something that would have been done in the early to mid 1940's?
-How much would the person be charged for the procedure?
-Were there any other relatively safe (next to a back alley abortion I mean) steps a person could take to end a pregnancy?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
Tags: 1940-1949, usa: history (misc), ~medicine: reproduction

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