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[ANON POST] School newspapers of Japanese high schools?

Setting: Near-future or slightly AU Japan with hidden fantastic elements (the ways in which it differs from real-world Japan would not affect this question, however.)

Question: How are the school newspapers published by Japanese high schools named? There are a number of 'classic newspaper names' in English that get used over and over again, in countless towns and cities and universities and schools: the Record, the Times, the Clarion, the Call, etc. I'm trying to find out if there are any similar naming patterns in the newspapers published by Japanese high schools.

I really only need one name, for the students of the school to use when talking about the paper, but I can't find any examples to base that one on. At least, none that I can use: I can find out that a lot of newspapers in Japan, both school newspapers and professional publications, have names that simply end in simply "Shimbun", the Japanese word for "newspaper." However, I'm going to be mentioning later an actual Japanese newspaper whose name ends in "Shimbun", and I don't want there to be any confusion between the two. (Plus, there's something cheesy in people essentially talking about their school newspaper, the Newspaper.) The closest I've found to what I need is the name of the school newspaper of an American school in Japan, and even though it's a Japanese name (the Japanese word for "fireworks") I have no idea whether that's the sort of thing a Japanese high school in Japan would use for its school paper. Nothing else I've gotten has even been that close.

Search terms: Google "Japanese school" + "school newspaper"; Google "Japanese school newspaper"; Google "school newspapers in Japan"; Google "school newspapers of Japan"; Google "school newspaper" + "Japanese education"; TV Tropes "School Newspaper Newshound"; others...
Tags: japan: education
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