red2blue (red2blue) wrote in little_details,

Knowledge of AIDS in West Germany in 1985


Hope someone from Germany can help me with my questions:

- what did regular folks know about AIDS in West Germany, say Munich, in 1985?

- did the W.German press/TV carry anything about Rock Hudson's admission that he was suffering from AIDS while he was in a hospital in Paris in July 1985? did people talk about it? if the news was in the press/aired, would it be probably that an American tourist visiting a bar in the red light district in Munich hears folks talking about this there?

I've googled all sorts of combinations of the above and found some information on AIDS in Europe and some stats for that period. But what I really need is what common folks knew about AIDS and thought about it at the time. I don't speak German, so I can't read up German language sources. Hope you can help.

Many thanks in advance!!

Tags: 1980-1989, germany: education (misc), ~medicine: illnesses: hiv/aids

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