Ruthanne Reid (ruthannereid) wrote in little_details,
Ruthanne Reid

Dart-bullet thingy question

Hello! I've never posted here before, but I've lurked for a long time, and the amount of raw information contained in this community utterly floors me. So, now that I'm finally in a position where I can't find some information on my own, it only makes sense to come here. :D

In this particular novel, an assassin is using a tranquilizer gun to take out his target. The dart is loaded with a solution that has gold dust suspended in liquid; the gold dust is what's important, since it's going to kill the (non-human) target.

My question is, WHAT should the gold dust be in? It doesn't have to be a lot of gold dust; if the thing's too heavy, it obviously won't work. But I don't know what it should be mixed with; water is probably not dense enough, but I can't say that for sure.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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