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Injuries From a Fall

Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm having some major trouble with my Nano piece...

So, my novel is kind of a "Greek Mythology transplanted to Modern Day NYC", my character is male, in his mid-twenties, and in great shape (he's a musical theater actor/dancer) and I need to almost kill him *facepalm*. I eventually came around to it being an accidental fall into the orchestra pit (I used to work in a theater similar to the one I'm describing him working in and the pit there was a good fifteen feet down. We had a net, but, due to the fall actually being engineered by Hades as it is almost this character's "time to go", the net is missing that day) that almost kills him -- and would have had Hera (in the guise of another actress in the company) not stepped in and saved his soul, so to speak. 

What I need are injuries that WOULD have killed him had Hera not bargained with Hades to save his life, and the ways that those injuries would be caused. Obviously, he falls, but does he have to fall ON something for this to play out that way? I'm thinking it was internal injuries that almost got him, but, I'm an actress, not a doctor, so I may be horribly off base. 

I've googled everything: "internal injuries from a fall", "fall injuries", etc, and even, for shits and giggles "crush injuries" to see if it yielded anything, but I'm just not getting what I need here. 

Thank you guys so much in advance (and my word count thanks you, too!)

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order

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