Rose Wilde-Irish (rosewildeirish) wrote in little_details,
Rose Wilde-Irish

Concussion questions

I'm writing a fic in which one of the characters has a concussion, and a fairly major one at that. I can easily google the symptoms like disorientation, memory loss, etc, but I ask for those who have experienced it:

What was it like? How bad was the disorientation? I only have a few adverse medicinal reactions to go by, and drunkeness, so I'm not entirely sure. Was judgement impaired? How so?

How bad was the nausea? Bad enough to keep you from eating?

How long did the disorientation follow you?

What kind of care did you need? Would it be realistic to have a character needing someone to watch over him or her? And for how long? Also how much? Keep company type of watching over, or more severe? (I'm aware that the first day or so it would be more important to watch for signs of bleeding and other severe injury.)

And with regard to memory laspes: How bad are they? How long did they last? Was it recurring memory loss, even a day or so after the event?

Etc. Any viewpoints to make it more personal and less clinical would be greatly appreciated.

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