mahasin (mahasin) wrote in little_details,

Car Repairs

So I have a female character driving a borrowed expensive car. I'm thinking along the lines of a Mercedes CLS (it's supposed to be stupidly expensive). I want something on it to break that would prevent the car from being drivable that a part would need to be ordered for. I don't really want something like her transmission to go out, I'm thinking something that would take only a day or two to actually fix but something that they'd have to specialty order.

I went through the Mercedes customizer thingy on their website so I'm thinking about the computer system but I'm not sure if that would actually mean that the car wouldn't start and how easy that would be for a small time mechanic to repair.

Any other suggestions? I fully admit I don't know much about the internal mechanisms of cars aside from having to get my own transmission replaced a few years ago.
Tags: ~cars

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