Atropos (atropos_lee) wrote in little_details,

Brainstorming jobs for an artistic girl in 1930s Dublin

Can I harness the creative juice of the community to help expand an area of research?

My protagonist is an orphan working class teenage girl in Dublin in the mid to late 1930s.  She has some talent as a painter, and ideally would have some employment that would develop that skill while still be in keeping with her position in an era and society in which opportunities for women to work in manufacturing were limited.

In various early drafts of the story she has painted china, hand-coloured photographs for a high-street photographer, and worked for a map-maker.

These are all still possibilities, and I am researching them all - but I'm keen to throw some more possibilities into the mix, and open up new avenues of research.

I'm open to all and any suggestions for relatively low-paid, low-status work that involves accurate painting or drawing, available to a woman in a 1930s Irish urban setting.
Tags: 1930-1939, ireland: history

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