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Applying for permanent residency while already in Canada?

Setting: Canada, present
Search terms used: Canadian immigration laws, permanent residency in Canada, who can become a permanent resident in Canada, applying for permanent residency while already in Canada
Soren and Tobias were both adopted by the same family after they each lost their parents at age 8. Tobias lost his family in an accident. Soren's father murdered his mother and has been in prison up until now. 
Tobias moved to Canada with his wife when they were about 21 and has been a citizen (not counting permanent residency time) for about 15 years. 
Tobias now wants to sponsor his brother Soren as a permanent resident. Soren is already in Canada on a visitor's visa. 
Soren's father is out of prison and trying to get in contact with Soren. He's even managed to obtain Tobias' mailing address and has been sending letters. Everyone involved believes that Soren would be in danger if he went back to Norway. 
Is it possible for him to apply for permanent residency without going back to Norway first? Am I right in assuming he does NOT qualify as a refugee?
Thanks in advance!
Tags: canada: government (misc), ~immigration

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