todeskun (todeskun) wrote in little_details,

Navajo, Comanche and Kiowa names in the 1800s

I'm looking for a list -- or, really, any sort of resource -- of non-anglicized, male, Native American names from the Navajo, Comanche, and Kiowa tribes from between 1800-1860. By non-anglicized I mean I don't want things like "Sitting Bull" or "Singing Grass" (Kit Carson's first wife). On the other hand, transliterated names are perfectly acceptable. I'm specifically looking for the name the person would be known by his family/tribe (so his personal or first name). I don't need a specific meaning for the name.

Searched using "traditional navajo names", "navajo peace treaties", "traditional dineh names", "famous navajos" and have mostly come up with baby naming sites which I refuse to use do to suspect accuracy.
Tags: ~names, ~native americans

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