The Shadow in the Moonlit Night (demonoflight) wrote in little_details,
The Shadow in the Moonlit Night

Treating an axe wound, wound healing with sunburns

The setting is a fantasy world, though modern medicine is available.

A humanoid character - female, physically around 18-19 years old, tall and rather skinny - gets a double-ended axe hurled at her from a fair distance, which promptly lodges itself in her shoulder. It kind of slides out afterwards because she kind of, um, melts (fantasy world...), but when she reforms the gaping axe wound is still there. The axe hit the trapezius muscle from the front, and the resulting wound is five inches long and ranges from half an inch to an inch and a half deep.

What would be the best way to patch that together? I thought about sutures and staples, but the trapezius is a muscle that gets a lot of action in daily life so I'm not sure which one would harm future movement less... also, how would one keep the arm locked in place to prevent unnecessary movement that would harm healing?

Also, let's add another variable - the girl got severe sunburns (second degree burns) the same time she got the wound. How would that affect healing?

I've looked up wounds - appearance, treatment, healing etc., surgical suturing, staples, sunburns, regular burns... I've also looked up "axe wound" and "ax wound" but all I got was naughty slang. :P
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order

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