Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

[ANON POST] Dismissal of US Military Officer

Time: c. 2003
Location: Afghanistan / (US)
Question: I want to have a major in the US military dismissed while serving in Afghanistan. On what grounds could he be dismissed (and by whom and where?- sent back to the US?), what would the procedure be like, and what would be the repercussions in his life after military service? (would he go to prison, would his papers give the reason for dismissal, what would another veteran feel towards him and his military service?) In canon, he was shown to be someone who would disobey a direct order, if that helps.

Terms Searched: US military officer dismissal procedure / dismissed, UCMJ (read the relevant sections but hard to figure out the procedure), court-martial, general court-martial, read several lawyers' pages about overturning a dismissal but not very relevant
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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