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Suicide by Aconite

A healthy nineteen-year-old boy who is average height and boarder-line overweight is trying to kill himself by eating aconite. So, assuming that he sits down with a bunch of it and starts eating it with the intention of continuing to eat it at a normal pace until he can't any longer, in what order and how long after he begins eating will the symptoms set in? How long until he's dead? Is there any particular quantity the boy is going to want to eat if he wants to be absolutely sure that he has no chance of surviving, or will a relatively small amount of the stuff almost certainly kill him, as long as it's left untreated? Will the amount of aconite he ingests affect the time that it takes for it to kill him? If it will, what's the shortest amount of time that might believably pass from the moment he starts eating the aconite to the moment he's dead, and how much/how quickly would he have to eat to achieve that? Also, how will it change things if instead of eating the plant I have him handling it with an open wound on his hand?

This would be in England, circa 2000, but no one is going to find him soon enough to give him any medical attention. (And yes, I know aconite was far from the most popular way to kill yourself in 2000, but it makes sense for this character.)

Search Terms: Aconite, aconite poising, suicide with aconite, aconite kill time, etc. I've got a decent handle on what the symptoms are, but no idea how quickly they'll occur.
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning, ~plants, ~suicide
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