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Emotional Developmental Disorder: Adult acting like a child

This would take place in current day USA.

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I don't know if this is a real disorder or just something I saw on tv some time. Basically it's an adult who is moderately functioning - he can dress himself and so on, but the trouble is that he's forgetful about things that need to be done daily or at certain times, like eating or sleeping or waking up in a "normal" pattern. He kind of gets lost in time, I guess, so his brother and his brother's boyfriend are there a lot to make sure he's taking care of himself.

He's a brilliant artist, which makes me think of autism or asperger's, but his disorder has not caused any social retardation. He's very interactive with people, trusting them to a fault, and gets excited (like a child) to see his brother and his brother's boyfriend, very happy when they're there, and each time it's like he's seeing them for the first time in a long time, even if it's only been for a few hours.

It's not dependent personality disorder, because he doesn't have a low opinion of himself and he doesn't feel he NEEDS them to function. Rather, he's generally happy, immersed in his own little world, and it's the other guys who know they have to check on him a lot to make sure he's taking care of himself.

So is this an actual disorder, and if so, what might it be called? I've looked up the DSM-IV and APA site and everything and I can't find anything like it. Thanks in advance if you can help me out!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: autism
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