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UK specific - holding cells, panic attacks and EMTs

Setting: UK, present day. A character of mine is arrested, has a severe panic attack in the holding cell (trouble breathing, has thrown up several times, passed out). He don't want treatment.

1) Can they force him to go to the hospital?
2) Can he demand to see his lawyer if they try?
3) What kind of tests can the ambulance personnel give him on site? (I assume they'll check blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, but is there anything else?)
4) How long would they keep him there once he's checked and they confirm it's only a panic attack?
5) Also, would they give him anything to calm him down before transporting him back to the cell?

Searches made:
* Ambulance / EMT patient exam / medical assessment / tests
in different combinations, mostly gave me school material, couldn't find details about which tests would be performed in this situation
* Refusal of medical aid UK
Found nothing fitting my situation. Although he has the right to refuse, I believe they would try to make him go just to be sure. Including +jail gave me many articles, but none relevant to my situation.
* Incapable of making informed consent + prison
* I also read the wikipedia article on informed consent

I have a feeling I'm missing some obvious search, so please let me know if you know of some phrase/wording I should try.
Tags: uk: government: law enforcement, uk: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: human physiology

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