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Non relative adopting 14 year old girl

Setting: California modern day, well within the past 15 years.
So here is what I need to know, I have a character who’s parents separated when she was 8 but never got a divorce, her mother took her to live with a friend of the mother’s father, this friend has a son who at the time was twenty-one, six year later the characters mother disappears with a group of friends, some of the friends are found dead others (including the mother) are never found.
The character’s father is listed as MIA by the military.
Her only living relatives are her father’s family; they did not approve of her mother and have had no contact with my character since her parents separated.   
The son (now 27) is a certified foster parent who is in the process of adopting a child, and he has been named my character God-father by her mother. He is also a billionaire and the owner of several different companies.
My question is whether or not in the State of California the god-father could adopted my character, despite the fact that she has family that will take her if they have too.
And would the fact that my character wants to live with her god-father make any difference?    
I’ve searched some stuff on the foster care system, and have read the posts under “custody & social services” but haven’t found anything that answers my question I don’t know what else to search as I don’t understand legalese . Any help would be loved.  
Tags: usa: california, ~adoption, ~custody & social services

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