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[ANON POST] Dieppe Raid: Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Seaman training and death

So, I've looked through the wwii tags, and couldn't find what I was looking for. And I think I've googled everything I could about Dieppe, the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, and LCAs. Unfortunately, I have a $0 budget to buy books, and my local library doesn't have much either. So I'm stuck with the internet.

My situation is this: my character is a young English teenaged boy, probably 13 or 14 in 1942. He's gotten his father's help to lie about his age and join the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves, and is serving on a Landing Craft: Assault as a bowman-gunner. In August 1942, he's deployed in the raid on Dieppe, France. After retrieving soldiers under heavy fire during the retreat, he ends up in the water next to a floundering LCA. A German plane drops a bomb on the LCA, which ends up killing my character.

Some questions:
* How old did you have to be to join the RNVR? I know there were 15 year olds in the merchant navy, as cabin boys, but I can't find age requirements for the RNVR, except for officers.
Search terms: Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve seaman age requirement, age requirement Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve World War II, how old to join the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve World War II

* What happened to bodies of sailors able to be brought back from Dieppe?
Search terms: autopsy bodies of sailors WWII, British sailor casualties World War II, World War II morgue, World War II British morgue

* Would my character's family have to identify his body, or be allowed to view the body, particularly if his crewmates were able to identify him? All my search terms come up with news stories of finding bodies years after the war.
Search terms: identifications of bodies WWII, family identification of British World War II casualties,

* What are the rules for a Royal Navy seaman during liberty? Would he call it 'liberty' or 'shore leave' (I understand shore leave is longer than liberty?) Would he have to wear his uniform? Would he be able to leave the town he is stationed in?
Search terms: Royal Navy World War II shore leave, Royal Navy World War II liberty, Royal Navy World War II British sailors shore leave procedures, Royal Navy World War II shore leave procedures, Royal Navy World War II liberty procedures

* What would a Royal Navy Volunteer Reservist manning a landing craft (assault) call their boat? (ALC? LCA? Larry?)
Honestly, I mostly looked up references to LCAs and they commonly seemed to be called LCAs, though one Canadian site talking about Dieppe called them ALCs. But would an ordinary seaman say "i'm a seaman on an LCA"? I can't seem to find many first-hand, English seaman accounts to see what they call it.

* What rank would a bowman gunner on an LCA have? I'm thinking seaman. I wouldn't think he would have to be an officer, would he? Also, would he be called "Seaman *lastname*"? (that would make sense, but I'm just assuming)?
Search terms: rank bowman gunner landing craft, various iterations and spellings of the previous

* How long would training be for my character? (it would be nice if he could join at the end of the school year in early 1942 and be at Dieppe, but not necessary)
Search terms: training landing craft assault World War II, training landing craft World War II, training procedures landing craft World War II

* If a German bomb hit a floundering LCA, how far away (in the water) would my character have to be in order to be killed but not, well, disintegrated? Preferably he would have a couple moments to gurgle a few last words to his rescuerers. What kind of injuries would he have? I...don't even know how to begin googling that. My knowledge of bombs and the medical consequences thereof is non0existant, so I can't think of search terms to use that aren't too broad.

I think one of the big problems is I don't know the military 'jargon', so I can't figure out the proper search terms to use. So any suggestions on that would be great, and if anyone knows specific answeres, even better! Thanks so much in advance.
Tags: uk: history: world war ii, uk: military: historical, ~world war ii

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