gunningforcupid (gunningforcupid) wrote in little_details,

Defeating an armored opponent

I probably should have known better than this, but one of my main characters is an expert fighter (as in trained to be a killer from birth onward) and, well .. I'm not. So I get to these fighting scenes that are supposed to be spectacular because he's puportedly the best in his country, and I have almost no idea what I'm doing. As a perfectionist I guess it just bothers me that all I know about fighting I learned from action flicks, and it's just not enough.

In any case, specifically I've got this particular character - Jacques - set up to battle another man. There's just one teensy problem: all Jacques has is a length of chain and his own big bad self, and the other guy, though weaponless, is wearing a pretty sturdy suit of armor. Now, Jacques is supposed to be the biggest baddest guy around, and I mean 'biggest' quite literally: he's actually not human, but a race of my own creation, which means at heart that he's about 7'6", rather more slender than you might expect, and pretty strong. He would, in short, make an excellent basketball player .. >_> Not that I know much about THAT, anyway.

In sum, what I really want to know is this: how the heck am I supposed to get Jacques to beat this other guy? I know he should be able to think of a way to get out of this scrape; it's a one-on-one fight for the other guy's honor, neither of them can be killed, neither would run away, and even if Jacques wanted to the armored guy's friends have a hostage.

Is there some trick I can have Jacques play on him? Some specific move? I know the other guy's at a disadvantage because he's in heavy armor, but one punch and BAM, that's the end of Jacques' skull, y'know? Help me out here, folks!

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