Butlers are awesome (systemaurora) wrote in little_details,
Butlers are awesome

Chemical Burns and Blindess (Trigger warning)

A couple of quick questions about chemical burns on the eyes! Cut for things that might be triggering to someone who's experienced chemical burns.

-Straight bleach sprayed in the eyes (of a 5 or 6 year old child): What time frame do I need for it to be left untreated for the eyes to remain in the socket but become cloudy and blinded?

-Flushing with water is the standard procedure, right? Would a scientist (human biology, medical science but not a physician) try to neutralize the alkali with anything, or would she just use water?

-What are the eyes going to look like immediately afterwards, both before and after flushing with water? Will they look different at all? Will they turn completely red? Will they be oozy? I need gory, gross details, please.

-how quickly will the child get relief from the pain of the bleach after the water flushing begins? Does eye pain stop after a certain severity like with skin burns? Basically, how long/much will this character be screaming or crying from pain (as opposed to because they're freaking out)?

-How would a nurse or doctor with limited resources treat this kind of chemical burn? Antibiotic salve on the eyes? Covering them with patches/cloth to protect them? etc?

Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry

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